Lamb of God: Sacrament CD
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Lamb of God: Sacrament CD Contemporary metal doesn't get much better or blistering than Lamb of God, something the quintet proves track-by-track on this latest offering. Armed with a bevy of furious riffs and perhaps even more furious vocals, the group tears through tracks such as "Walk with Me in Hell" and "Foot to the Throat" with a ferocity too-little-heard among the sea of bands that the group has inspired in its still-young career. Detractors will be tempted to fault the band for its lack of subtlety, but they're clearly missing the point. There are but a handful of young heavy bands worthy of carrying the proud torch of metal in this decade, and Lamb of God--along with The Esoteric and Totimoshi--is one of them. Just take a listen to "Again We Rise," "Requiem," or "Pathetic" and see if you don't agree. (OZFCD003) More Info More info