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  • Dream Theater Water Bottle Dream Theater Water Bottle Take this Dream Theater water bottle with you! The eclipse cover artwork has been screen printed on the only American-made, 100% recycled metal bottle in the marketplace. Liberty Bottles exceed FDA requirements, and are non-toxic and non-leaching. Independent Lab Certified to be 100% BPA FREE.
    Qty: US$29.95
  • Limited Edition Handmade Dreamcatcher Limited Edition Handmade Dreamcatcher "The original Dream Theater Dreamcatcher was given to me as a gift. I was so impressed by the beauty and craftsmanship of the piece that I thought it would be really cool to make it available to everyone. Finally, here it is! I think it’s a unique DT keepsake, and I’m very excited to be able to offer it to our fans!" --John Petrucci

    Each limited edition handmade Dreamcatcher comes with a hand-signed card from the band. Maybe yours will be one of just four that features an additional handwritten message.

    A 3-D printer was used to produce the Majesty symbol. The authentic materials, sourced from a family-owned Native American arts & crafts business in Canada, used in making these limited edition Dreamcatchers include:

    Red feathers (Guinea fowl quills)
    Black duck small wing quills
    Deer skin leather
    Glass beads

    Qty: US$295.00

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